Ultimate Milker 2
Ultimate Milker 2
Ultimate Milker 2
Ultimate Milker 2


Ultimate Milker 2



Introducing the first-of-its-kind milker masturbation technology designed to fully surround your shaft with vibrating, gyratory stimulation for the ultimate self-pleasure experience! A transparent window allows you to view the action as every inch of your cock is milked over and over by 7 revolving, gyrating functions, plus 10 vibration modes, all powered by a convenient rechargeable motor. The internal multi-ribbed TPE sleeve is lined with incredibly satisfying textures to enhance gyrational pleasure and features a powerful vibrator at the tip to further intensify the stimulation. To enjoy fully automated gyrational masturbation, simply press the button to initiate active milking power.

Marke: Pipedream

Länge 27 cm
Durchmesser 5.1 cm
Material: PVC Plastic
Vibration modes: 10
Speed modes: 7

Extra info: None
Batterien inkl. Yes

Barcode: 603912770278