Premium 3 Fuck Machine
Premium 3 Fuck Machine
Premium 3 Fuck Machine
Premium 3 Fuck Machine
Premium 3 Fuck Machine
Premium 3 Fuck Machine


Premium 3 Fuck Machine 2.0



The Hismith Premium 3 Fuck Machine 2.0 may be small in size, but its thrusting power is bigger than your wildest dreams! This compact, ultra-powerful fuck machine can generate up to 240 thrusting motions per minute! The streamlined design delivers a deep, sensual, and thrilling penetration - indulging your erogenous zones with powerful automated pleasure. The device is easy to adjust to your preferences, allowing you to quickly customize your intimate experience. The compact machine can be used for any kind of penetration (vaginal, anal), and is suitable for both solo play or fun with a partner. The Hismith device is equiped with an intuitive speed control unit, wired to the machine with a cable. You can use this control to smoothly increase or decrease the thrusting action in seconds. The discreet Premium 3 Fuck Machine 2.0 is also surprisingly quiet. The device’s noise output is between 30 - 54 decibels_ relatively low when compared to other fuck machines on the market. The thrusting angle of the machine can be adjusted from -90° to 80°: offering endless scenarios of deep, lustful penetration. Furthermore, the Hismith Premium 3 Fuck Machine 2.0 comes with a realistic, light skin colored dildo attachment, completing this lustful fuck machine set. If you want premium pounding and thrusting action, but don’t have space for a full-sized sex machine, this compact AK-03 could be your pleasurable, powerful, and discreet match! • Smartphone operated • 100V-240V 50 / 60HZ • Exit_ DC 24V-5A • Motor power_ 48W • Sound_ 30 - 54 db • Up to 240 thrusting motions per minute • Thrusting_ 12 CM (without attachment) • Premium KlicLok.

Marke: HiSmith

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Extra info: This item can be controlled via smartphone. Package Includes_ 1 x Updated Machine | 1 x Power Supply | 1 x App Chip Remote & Speed Controller Pad | 1 x 8' Silicone Dildo with KlicLok Connector. Package come with a plain brown box, no sensitive words on the package.
Batterien inkl.

Barcode: 7442138694677