Plunging Pete Corona
Plunging Pete Corona
Plunging Pete Corona


Plunging Pete Corona Strap



The Mystim Plunging Pete is bipolar corona strap with a 24K gold-plated urethral sound (Ø 4 mm, 35 mm long) anked by two golden balls, which serve to create an extremely concentrated, tingling or pulsating stimulation – because, where the gold touches the skin, the stimulation is bundled, making it particularly intense. Plunging Pete consists of 100% medical-grade platinum silicone and is continuously adjustable in size. To activate the poles, you need an electrical stimulator device. Including electrode cables. • 1 Mystim Plunging Pete penis head loop with 24K gold-plated urethral sound and 2 gold-plated balls • 1 electrode cable for Mystim electric stimulation devices • 1 user handbook • 1 classy metal case

Marke: MyStim

Länge N/A
Durchmesser N/A
Material: Silicone
Vibration modes: N/A
Speed modes: N/A

Extra info: None
Batterien inkl.

Barcode: 4260152465874