Mystim Little John Buttplug
Mystim Little John Buttplug
Mystim Little John Buttplug


Mystim Little John Buttplug S



Mystim Butt Plugs are a perfect match when it comes to anal stimulation. The aluminium is decreasing its shape, so that the toy can be easily inserted. Electrical impulses stimulate all nerves. This soft tingling, rhythmic pulsating or intense pushing can be enjoyed for hours. Or this sensuous delight can be controlled, varied and increased until you reach unexpected levels of feelings. · Butt Plug for stimulation current units · Polished aluminium · May be heated or cooled · Suitable for all Mystim units

Marke: MyStim

Länge 9 cm
Durchmesser Ø 4 cm
Material: Metal
Vibration modes: N/A
Speed modes: N/A

Extra info: None
Batterien inkl.

Barcode: 4260152462002