Kink - The Stinger - Electroplay
Kink - The Stinger - Electroplay

Doc Johnson

Kink - The Stinger - Electroplay Wand



Motivation comes in many forms. This cattle prod-style electroplay wand creates different sensations specific to the area it’s applied with a light zap perfect for training or teasing. Tickling, tingling, and a moderate sting are all within the realm of possibility with the Stinger. The Stinger’s handle features a non-slip, non-conductive rubber grip, and a safe but powerful current runs between two prongs at end of the contrasting red shaft. Kink by Doc Johnson is an exciting collaboration with to create a collection of high-quality authentic fetish items suitable for long-term practitioners and new initiates alike.

Marke: Doc Johnson

Länge 38.1 cm
Durchmesser 3.81 cm
Material: ABS Plastic
Vibration modes: N/A
Speed modes: N/A

Extra info: Prod-Style Sensory Electroplay Wand | Creates Moderate Sting or Tickling Sensations | Loud Crackling Sound and Visible Spark | Simple Push-Button Control | Stimulates Multiple Senses | Non-Conductive Grip | Leaves No Visible Effects
Batterien inkl. No

Barcode: 782421059750