Jewellery Silic Striped Tail
Jewellery Silic Striped Tail
Jewellery Silic Striped Tail
Jewellery Silic Striped Tail

Dolce piccante

Jewellery Silic Striped Tail S



Silicone anal plug with raccoon tail - Unusual anal plug decorated with raccoon tail is a fascinating toy that fans of anal sex will like. For the first time, the anal plug with tail is made of silicone. In addition, this makes it possible to enjoy more sense impressions in an erotic game.Light, incredibly gentle to the touch anal plug has a classic droplet shape. The surface of the toy is flawless, and the tip is smooth. Enter it inside, and you can enjoy the pleasant pressure on the anus walls and a feeling of completeness.It is best to use a toy during normal sexual intercourse_ your partner will first be aroused by the seductive look of your buttock, decorated with a fluffy tail, and then with the narrowness of the vagina. The female partner has the opportunity to enjoy double penetration and incredibly fascinating sensations of lightly twitching the toy by the tail.The plug is small, making it suitable for both novice and experienced users.We recommend using water-based anal lubricants together with plug.

Marke: Dolce piccante

Länge Plug: 7.5 cm | Tail_ 27 cm
Durchmesser 3 cm
Material: Silicone
Vibration modes: N/A
Speed modes: N/A

Extra info: None
Batterien inkl.

Barcode: 8713221822086