Beppy Soft and Comfort Dry
Beppy Soft and Comfort Dry


Beppy Soft and Comfort Dry 2pcs



Beppy Soft + Comfort TamponsThe tampon without a string provides comfort to women in many activities, like during sex and a day on the beach.Luxury productNo irritation during the lighter daysOne size fits allUse for up to 8 hoursChoice of two versions, DRY and WETDifferences between the two versions_WET tampon contains a lacta gel (easy to insert)WET tampon has a handy removal loop (easy to remove)DRY tampon perfectly shaped to the anatomy of the female bodyDRY tampon is suitable for the experienced user

Marke: Beppy

Länge N/A
Durchmesser N/A
Material: Fabric
Vibration modes: N/A
Speed modes: N/A

Extra info: None
Batterien inkl.

Barcode: 8714777000881